Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Galveston Fishing Report 10/2-10/3

  Had the chance to get down to Galveston to fish the final event of the 2015 LSKS red fish series. I hit the water early Friday morning to see if I could figure out what the fish were doing in one of my go to spots. The morning started at a high tide that would be falling steadily through the day. Reds were scattered in the marsh drains and feeding on shrimp. I had a limit by before 7am but it was a small one. These fish wouldn't be earning me a paycheck! I was not concerned as I had located an area holding lots of upper slot reds just a few weeks before.
  Arrived at the launch the next morning with friend and fishing partner, Gerardo Olmos, with plenty of time to rig boats and gear. This is the way I prefer things. I absolutely hate rushing through things getting on the water! I headed directly to the back of the marsh where I had left them biting just a few weeks before. As I approached the area, I could tell that my gut feeling was right and these fish had no reason to have moved on over the past few weeks. I could hear the feeding frenzy long before I reached the action. I spotted the pod crushing shrimp as they tried to escape from the flooded grass along the shoreline. The first cast produced a vicious strike! From the drag screaming off the reel, I could tell this was going to be either in the upper slot or busting it! Just under 27"....PERFECT! This spooked the pod and they moved into the middle of the small back lake they had been feeding in. The first cast with a popping cork and I was hooked up again. Another just under 27" and it wasn't even 7am yet. I finished off my limit of reds with a 21" fish site casted off of the edge of the shoreline grass. All in all it was a great weekend of fishing even though I missed the weigh in by 3 minutes......